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Walking to Heel

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Walking to Heel or loose leash walking is one of the most important skills a dog should learn, probably second only to his recall. A dog walking on a loose leash is calm, happy and more importantly under control. A dog used to pulling his owner every which way is potentially dangerous and can drag you or himself under passing vehicles, down slippery slopes or just cause a nuisance. The perfect walking dog should be calm and collected on leash (or when called to heel off leash) and allowed to run free only when instructed.

Dog trainers have many different methods, the Victoria Stilwells use positive training alone luring the dog’s nose with treats and keeping his attention the whole time. Cesar Millans of the world use negative training and ‘correct’ when the dog walks too far forward or lags too far behind.

Ultimately no two dog trainers agree on the best method, however most agree on one fact: Flexible leashes should be in the cupboard with loose leash walking. They teach your dog to pull, so the dog becomes confused about his boundaries and there is no way to instantly bring your dog back if he stretches the leash across a road. Ultimately with the leash alone, you have no real control. With a short leash for ‘busy road’ walking and the right training for off-leash roaming, you will never need the flexible leash again.

Here at Swansea dog trainer we aim to train your dog to stop pulling and walking to heel through using only positive reinforcement. Although slip leads can train the dog to do a similar process, it can be damaging to the dogs trachea and fatal for some breeds.
We do not advocate the use of any aversive training tools or techniques.

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